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Harmful radiation in our environment may be of various origins:

  • Geopathogenous earth radiation – like water veins, faults and geological anomaly.
  • Radiation from technical devices – computers, TV receivers, transformers, lines of high and medium voltage placed near the dwelling or place of work.
  • Radiation of shape of spatial and flat figures.
  • Negative bioemission of flowers and some animals.
  • Band of low-frequency vibrations.

Neutraliser – When and for Whom?

For you and your house..

Supports the treatment and prevent diseases and infections. Improves the quality of sleep and relaxation.

Neutralizer ” Aronit Home & Office ” protects houses and flats from the harmful effects of geopathic radiation.Also saturates the air with negative ions, needed by us to live, which are missing in every home ( unless your house is in the woods or mountains far away from city ) .

Neutralizer ” Aronit Personal” and ” Aronit Mobile” – used in turn to carry in a purse, school bag , a mobile phone, on your computer or on your neck as – personal neutralizers , when you and your loved ones are away from home or are using devices that generate harmful radiation.

Aronit is the emitter , which saturates the air with white, healing light that neutralizes harmful Geopathogenous  radiation, increases the amount of negative ions and has the healing affects on people residing in the area of ​​light emission.

One product protects the living area with a radius of 25m2 and lasts for 15 to 30 years, depending on the degree of radiation exposure. After stopping operation, the product becomes neutral because Aronit does not accumulate negative radiation.

It is essential if you suffer from:

  • cancers,
  • chronic infections,
  • sleep problems and falling asleep,
  • chronic fatigue,
  • chronic stress (especially in children),
  • premature aging (not in every case),
  • rheumatic disease (rheumatism),
  • some kidney and lung diseases,
  • neurosis, depression, and sometimes more serious mental illness,
  • night soaking,
  • anxiety states in children,
  • mycosis (not in all cases),
  • all diseases associated with the weakening of immunity.

For companies, offices and institutions.

Increases productivity and creativity of employees and improves the atmosphere in the workplace.

Neutralizer “Aronit Home & Office” is the ideal solution for businesses that use a large number of computers and other devices that generate electromagnetic radiation. Protects against Geopathogenous  radiation and saturates the air with negative ions.

For proper functioning, a human being needs at least 600 molecules concentration of negative ions per 1 cm3 of air. Nearby computers the amount of these particles decreases up to 0. Mouse kept next to the computer dies during it’s two weeks ..

If you want to improve the performance of your team of employees, reduce the incidence and improve the atmosphere – “Aronit Home & Office” and “Aronit Mobile” is perfect solution for you. One product protects the surface of 25m2 and sufficient radius of 15 to 30 years, depending on the degree of irradiation.


For hospitals and sanatoriums.

Strongly accelerates the recovery of hospitalized patients.

“Aronit Home & Office” is the emitter of white light outside the wavelength range of visible light. As a result, the air gets saturated with white, healing light that neutralizes harmful Geopathogenous radiation, increases the amount of negative ions and affects with healing on people residing in the area of ​​operation of the neutralizer.

It is ideal for hospitals, sanatoriums and other treatment facilities. One product protects the surface of 25m2 and sufficient radius of 15 to 30 years, depending on the degree of irradiation. After termination of exposure, a product becomes neutral because the emitter is not cumulating negative radiation.

In the journey.

It facilitates a comfortable ride and reduces fatigue behind the wheel.

Also, driving a car, we are exposed to radiations from tectonic faults or underground sources. According to research radiesthetic, some of the so-called black spots are located along the roads, situated over this type underground radiations. In addition, “Aronit Travel” absorbs other negative radiation and emits white light, which increases the number of negative ions in the car and improves our mood and eliminates fatigue on long-term driving.

For agriculture and home vegetable and fruit gardens…

Definitely accelerates plant growth and increases the size of the harvest.

Aronit can be successfully used in agriculture or household gardens to increase yields and to obtain larger sizes of fruit or vegetables. Ideal for dry times because larger amounts of rain is reduced. This is due to the fact that the column of white light reaches above the clouds and accumulates around itself greater amount of water vapor from the air. (During years, which are too rainy, you can wrap Aronit  in aluminum foil to neutralize its rain increase effect).

Gardeners applying in their gardens Aronit have observed rapid plant growth and the large size of their fruits and vegetables.



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