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Tenemos poca influencia en la elección del lugar donde vivimos y la calidad del aire que respiramos.
También tenemos poco impacto en los alimentos y el agua.
Sin embargo, podemos tener un impacto decisivo en la protección del cuerpo contra la radiación nociva de las venas de agua, el campo electromagnético y otras radiaciones en nuestro espacio vital.
Son los antirradiadores, neutralizadores de la radiación nociva que cumplen esta tarea.

Mira y prueba y tu vida tendrá un aliado efectivo.

Aronit – a modern anti-radiator, ionizer and emitter of healing light.


The principle of work of Aronit is the emission of opposite phase, transformation and impregnation – what in effect neutralizes the effects of harmful geopathic radiations and effects with a healing and strengthening .


Aronit saturates the air with minus ions, wchich are very much missing in our cities and homes.


Aronit neutralizes the effects of electromagnetic radiation.


Aronit operates for 30 years from the montage!

Aronit is the result of many years of work, research and experience of an agricultural engineer, connoisseur of physics, a radiesthesia master and a bio-energy therapist – Bernard Duliński . The product had received the highest scores during testing of electronic equipment by many German specialists.


We cordially invite you to cooperate with us if you are dowsers, traders and shop owners interested in distribution of our products


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+34 632 539 512 – Spain